The Voice of VaynerMedia

How do you prove your agency is the leader in voice? Well we thought what if our agency had a voice of it's own. Meet Vee- using AI we created a single unique voice of hundreds of VaynerMedia's employees from our offices around the world.

We used our AI voice for all components of the campaign which included launching our own Alexa Skill for our clients. 

Adweek highlighted this project in their Top 7 favorite Agency Holiday projects


Voice of VaynerMedia Unboxing

We launched our voice by creating hundreds of personalized Holiday audio box which we sent to our clients as well as potential clients. Each box came packaged with an personalized audio card, an Amazon Echo Dot, and directions to download our Vayner Skill, and others we've created.

Voice of VM: Ponderings with Vee #3

We used Vee as the star of several content series on our VaynerMedia social channels. More to come soon.

Voice of VM: Ponderings with Vee #1
Voice of VM: Ponderings with Vee #2
Voice of VM: AVC'S Colonel

We used our AI voice Vee to help humans how to pronounce words and expand their vocabulary o_0

Voice of VM: Ignom
Voice of VM: Synec