GE 2017 & 2018 Social Recap

GE 2017 & 2018 Social Recap Reel:

GE has a history of award winning social campaigns and content over the past several years. With social platforms releasing new features week after week- we stayed on top of most releases to capitalize on the underpriced attention, engaged new audiences, and created best in class experiences. Nearly 2 years later, hundreds of Instagram stories, thousands of posts, new emerging partnerships and Betas, "Slow TV" live-streams, 280 framed posts, messenger stickers- well, you get it…

Some of my favorite selected projects for a variety of GE businesses from the past year to follow…

GE: Guess What We're Printing

GE: Guess What We’re Printing

Few know that GE has an entire disruptive division dedicated to additive manufacturing - also known as industrial 3D printing. GE Additive sells machines, materials, and services to help businesses from aerospace to healthcare use 3D printing to print parts that were once impossible.

GE wanted to raise awareness of their innovative technology to tech enthusiasts and influential business decision makers, so GE let viewers witness the process of imagination first hand...through a series of "Slow TV" Livestreams where we let viewers guess what we’re printing.

Our 5hr livestream became one of the longest watched pieces of content from GE.
The “Guess What We’re Printing” became one of the most successful GE social campaigns to date.

GE Power Told Through Conductive Ink

GE Power Told Through Conductive Ink:

We used conductive ink to tell the story of GE’s connected grid and how its new Reservoir System stores energy from multiple sources and releases it when it’s needed. The paper craft set took weeks to complete to bring numerous details to life and too many paper cuts to count.

GE Additive Boarding Pass

GE Additive Boarding Pass #PrintMeAFlight

After a successful “Guess what we’re printing" livestream that lasted nearly 5 hours and amassed a couple million views- we created a contest named “#PrintMeAFlight where we live streamed a boarding pass-ticket being 3D printed in real-time and revealed the one lucky aviation fan with a trip to the Osh Kosh Airshow.

GEA Thanksgiving Twerkin Turkey

GE Appliances: Thanksgivin Twerkin Turkey

Whelp, not much to explain here other than it’s a dancing turkey… We were the second brand to create a 3D world lens on Snapchat and got families talking about GE Appliances for the Thanksgiving and holiday season.

The snap code experience scaled to other uses beyond the filter.

GE Lighting: Creators Circle

GE Lighting: Creators Circle:

Most people don’t know the difference a light bulb can actually make in their setting- so we showed the impact in real time. We partnered with 3 artists and matched each one with the right light for their respective hustles and let the 2 million viewers engage with them. We were one of the first brands to create a 360 Livestream and within a few hours of Instagram Polls launching we used it to effect our influencers work.

Adweeks Best uses of Facebook Livestreams.